What you don't know CAN hurt you – and delay the settlement of your case.

PillsIf you anticipate settling a workers’ compensation or personal injury case, and the client will require future medical treatment and/or medications related to the injury or accident, an MSA is the best way to document that you’ve considered Medicare’s interests.

How We’re Different:

Mackler Associates does much more than complete the standard “cookie cutter” MSA.  Instead, we thoroughly analyze the issues that impact your MSA, and when indicated develop a plan to clarify and resolve these issues BEFORE the MSA is completed.

Mackler Associates ensures that your MSA accurately reflects the unique set of circumstances that are specific to your claim.

Not ready for a formal MSA, but need to have a better idea of your potential MSA exposure?

Consider an MSA Screen or Medication Review.

Mackler Associates will identify the high-priced medications and treatments that will impact your MSA, and will provide you with a preliminary estimate of lifetime costs, so you are prepared to make sound decisions.

Mackler Associates focuses on the medications because CMS will include medications that the claimant is utilizing at the time of the MSA (or in the two years prior to the MSA), and will assume that they will continue throughout the claimant’s life expectancy. 


MSA Screens often lead to Medication Reviews to clarify and/or modify the medication regimen.

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